The main differences are quality, condition, preparation, and guarantee. These differences really matter!This content will be shown in the summary on the main blog page.  
The main differences are as follows: 
1. Quality: We only buy pianos from the best manufacturers – the ones who used quality materials and labour for their pianos. There is and was a huge difference in quality depending on the manufacturer. As there have been a huge no of manufacturers over time, you really need to know which manufacturers were considered reputable - we have had 35 years of experience working this one out so our experience really makes a difference. 
2. Condition: many pianos have not been looked after and have suffered internally and externally. For instance, they may be damaged through moving, or they may have suffered from being put in front of a radiator or in a damp building. All of these conditions matter when it comes to sensitive instruments like a piano. We only buy pianos that have been looked after! 
3. Preparation and refurbishment: Every single piano, even the bargain basement pianos, that comes into our workshop is prepared at the very least. Preparation involves taking all the internal actions and keys out of the piano, cleaning the inside, and checking all the different parts of the action for wear and tear. These include strings, dampers, tapes, felts, pins, checks, butts, rollers and lever leathers, key coverings, hammers and strings. Once all of these have been checked and replaced where necessary, then a further process is regulation. This is quite extended and involves checking and adjusting hammer drop, depth of touch, dampers realignment etc. Once all of these checks and work is done the final job is to pitch and tune the piano. This may take several tunings as a piano may not have been tuned for sever years. 
4. The casework: the outside of the piano is always cleaned, repolished and any damage repaired where necessary. A recent customer commented: 'All your pianos look like they are new - how come?' That’s because we take great pride in how they look. 
5. Guarantee: as a result of all of the above we guarantee all our pianos for at least one year, if not longer – this means that even if there is one sticking note we will come and sort it out free of charge. 
So, as you can see, we feel that the above means you will likely benefit from spending that little bit of extra money on a Suffolk Pianos piano. We hope you will find that out to be true! 
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