We Buy Pianos. Piano Buyers 

Pianos bought by Suffolk Pianos – the best way to sell your piano is to fill in our contact from and add a picture or you can ring  
01787 310901 or email lesley@secondhandpiano.co.uk 
Please note many old pianos (up to 1930s) are no longer viable as musical instruments and as we get offered many of these a day its best to send us an email or fill in the form for this type of piano. If it is a quality make then we can may be able to take it and refurbish. 

Wanted For Cash Grand Pianos 

We are always on the lookout to buy Grand Pianos. 
We have cash waiting for modern Grand Pianos, older German Grand Pianos and Yamaha Grand Pianos . 

Sell your piano: three choices 

There are 3 ways you can sell your piano: 

Each of these methods has its strengths: 

A private or auction sale can be a good choice if you aren’t in a big hurry to sell your piano and don’t mind investing a little bit to put the instrument in top shape. You maybe rewarded with the highest sale price.Just so you know, a private or auction sale may not necessarily generate a better price. Not only do you have to take into consideration the cost of advertising your instrument in a way that it reaches the right audience, but you may have to pay for delivery costs too.You’ll also have to arrange home visits by potential buyers, which can be inconvenient especially if you work full time. Even selling your piano on an internet auction site will incur additional costs.You also need to remember that it could be a long time before the perfect buyer comes along. 

Benefits of selling your piano to Suffolk Pianos 

If you need to sell the piano immediately selling the piano to a piano shop like Suffolk Pianos may be your best option. This can be a good choice if you don’t have time or don’t want to hassle with fixing up the piano and having people through your home looking at the instrument. While many stores work on a percentage basis, there are some like me who will let you know up front what they would give you for your piano.We have the advantage of having a large showroom and storage facilities to store our pianos – so we can keep them for a very long time if they do not sell. 

Sell your piano to us – 4 simple steps 

The first step in selling your piano is to contact us. When you email us or ring us if you could have to hand as much information about your piano as possible it will be very helpful ( but if you don’t – don’t worry).  
This includes:  
Name / Brand of the Piano /Age (if known) 
Condition of the piano.  
Please mention any scratches or gouges in the case work. Any comments made by the piano tuner.  
If possible some pictures via email so that we can get a good look of the piano you want to sell. Please include pictures of the inside of the piano by folding back the top cover or even better taking off the front top panel and taking pics of the strings pins and hammers etc.  
Please take pictures of any damage to the case work. 
We’ll then agree a ball park price with you in advance. 
Once the ball park price has been agreed we can view your piano and can then provide you with a quote and hopefully we can buy your piano 
The next step is to get your piano picked up safely and carefully.  
Our piano movers are skilled and experienced in piano moving. They will ensure that your piano leaves your house without damaging either the piano or your floor.  
You won’t be charged for collection. Just let us know whether the piano is upstairs or if there are any awkward obstacles to consider when moving your piano. 

Part – Exchange Your Piano 

If you want to trade in your old piano for a better and younger model then we can help you. We offer part exchanges, so that you can get the upgrade you’ve always dreamed of. Visit our new and used piano pages to find what you are looking for and then contact us to find out what we can do for you. 
Or you may be looking to make more space in your home by exchanging your grand piano for an upright. 
This is a great way to sell your piano without having to get rid of the music in your home completely! 
Get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss offers we have on part exchange. 

Do you buy all pianos? 

We do not buy just any pianos, but if it is in reasonable condition and a know brand of piano then there is a good chance we will buy the piano from you. 

What type of pianos do you buy? 

We are especially looking for good quality pianos. Makes we like are Kemble, Schimmel, Hoffman, Petrof, Knight, Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner, Broadwood, Chappell, and Welmar. 

Do you refurbish pianos? 

Yes at Suffolk Pianos, we have a specialist workshop run by experienced craftspeople who can bring even the oldest, saddest looking piano back to life. 
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