Pianos for cambridge 

Cambridgeshire has a rich, musical history, making it the perfect backdrop for any budding musician. Unfortunately, this also means that Cambridge pianos can be extremely expensive. Many of our customers come from Cambridgeshire, as they appreciate our lost-cost range compared to the piano shops in Cambridge! It should take no longer than an hour from Cambridge city centre, too. The fact that we deliver (prices around £75-85) also makes it easier for you to get your new piano home. 


Cambridgeshire is an affluent area and the perfect place for any musician, young or old, to play the piano. However, those two factors combined means that Cambridge pianos from local shops can be over your budget. At Suffolk Pianos, we have a wide range of second hand pianos to suit your needs.  
Take a look at our Pianos Under £1000 section to see what we mean! Even factoring in the delivery costs, which are extremely reasonably priced, you could be saving money compared to buying a piano in Cambridgeshire. 


Suffolk Pianos is around an hours drive from Cambridge city centre. The quickest route will take you through Great Abington, Horseheath and Ridgewell (A1307 and A1017). You can also follow the A1307 through Ashdon, Hempstead and Wethersfield if you prefer. A quick trip to Suffolk Pianos could save you a lot of money compared to local Cambridge pianos, so it is definitely worth paying us a visit. 


If you are selling your piano we do buy pianos in Cambridgeshire, we are always on the look out to purchase good secondhand pianos. We are especially looking for older pianos by Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner, Broadwood, Chappell, and Welmar. Cash For Yamaha Grand Pianos
If you are looking to upgrade your piano we also part exchanges pianos, of course as long as yours is in serviceable condition. 


Once you have got your piano home– don’t forget we offer a delivery service– you are going to want to get it tuned to perfection. We can recommend local tuners in Cambridgeshire who will be able to provide that service for you. Simply ask us for the name and details of anyone we recommend, a little closer to home. 


If you need a piano teacher and you live in Cambridge why not go to www.pianolessonscambridge.com. Steve offers a great service and covers all ages and abilities with a dedicated teach space at his home. Home visits are also available. 
Or find music teachers for private music lessons in your area whether you want to learn the piano, play the guitar or practice singing. 
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