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Spencer  £950.00 

Some piano restorations (including ours) do not go as far as this one. This piano has had new strings, pins, etc and the case is also looking lovely! Given the amount of work that has been done on this piano, it does not compare to other older pianos in this category.  
An older ( 1900-1950) piano without this kind of restoration work is hardly ever worth buying – it will likely cost hundreds more to get it right and then the outcome is not always a successful one as sometimes even more work is necessary that is beyond the value of the piano. So, with that in mind, this piano is a bargain! 

Zender  £695.00 

A compact piano in medium oak suitable for a beginner or someone with a smallish house or flat . 

Kemble Classic  Sale! £995.00 

A compact pianoby a well respected British manufacturer in medium mahogany suitable for a beginner or someone with a smallish house or flat . 

Galisia  Sale! £995.00 

The Calisia pianos come from a very long history of piano manufacturing in Poland. The name comes from Kalisz the piano-making centre of Poland. Here is a snippet of the history of this famous manufacturer. 
The Calisia piano factory continues old traditions. The last of the Fibigers, Gustaw Arnold III, became a director after the war, and since 1953 a general constructor of the factory once belonging to his family. He designed most piano and upright piano models. It was his initiative to create a Technical School of Building Pianos which prepared trained staff for the needs of the factory. Fibiger lectured there and from 1955 to 1964 he was a director. Now the production reaches several thousand instruments per year (the total production of Calisia has already exceeded 100,000 pianos and upright pianos). The factory is one of the two piano producers in Poland (the other one is in Legnica). Kalisz is still the capital of the Polish piano industry.Well-thought-of European manufcturer. 

Broadwood  Sale! £995.00 

Best of British - a compact traditional piano with a lovely tone. 
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